Ladies' Club

The Ladies Club, since its inception, has focused on stewardship of the parish and the building of relationships among its members.

Craft and Bake Sales, the Penny Party, Children’s Bingo, Soup Sales, Crab Sales and Flower Sales are among the Fund Raisers offered each year.

In June the Ladies gather for their annual " End of the Year Covered Dish Supper" and present the Pastor with the money raised from all of their events.

Membership is open to all women of the parish. The Club is always seeking new members and is interested in new ideas and growing as an organization. Meetings (with refreshments) are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Father Walsh Center.

Ever mindful of the women who went before them leaving them the legacy of the "Ladies Club" they schedule a Memorial Mass each year on the third Saturday of May for all deceased members with special attention paid to those who died during the year.

Conscious of the importance of enriching each other the meetings often include sharing topics such as nutrition, flower arrangement, crafts and prayer. The meeting provides for a great "Ladies Night Out" where one can laugh and learn with others who share common interests.

The members of the Board are:
                     President: Judy Mills               
                     Vice President: Kathleen Smith
                     Treasurer: Pat Murphy

For additional information call Julie Crowell, Secretary 610-459-5458


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