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The goal of the Home and School Association is to assist the social, religious and academic growth of the children through the successful interaction of parents, children and school staff.

One hundred and seventy children from one hundred ten families are the treasure of St. Francis de Sales School.

The Home and School Association with the help of parents and the school staff work together to advance the Catholic education and welfare of these children. They provide the funds necessary to assure the children of a Physical Education and Music Program. This group is also very instrumental in providing funding for the Technology Program and some upgrades for the school building.

Many of the Fund Raisers are focused on the value of quality time with family and community. Some of the most popular are Family Bingo, Family Supper Nights at Burger King, Wendy’s , Friendly’s, Oasis, Chick-Fil- A and Applebee’s.

The Annual Homemade Turkey Dinner, prepared by SFDS Mom/Dad Chefs creates a spirit of true Thanksgiving.

In addition to these events the Home and School Association goes out to all parishioners and members of the community through its invitation to them to participate in the annual Two Mile Walk-A-Thon and Golf Outing. Be sure to check the Parish Bulletin weekly for updates. 

For more information, please call Barbara Ann Kerezsi at 610.558.4607

or email: homeandschool@sfdschurch.org
or check out Home and School


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