Our Parish

                   Welcome...all are welcome.
                   This is holy ground - you are standing on holy ground
                   for the Lord is present and where God is, is holy.

Saint Francis de Sales Church, a small country-like structure, is hidden in the hills of Lenni. Its steeple, which can be seen from miles around, is its landmark.

The parishioners of young families and all ages past young are the heart of the parish. Many of them were baptized in the parish and went to school here. Many have remained so that there are generations of the same family creating a community of faithful parishioners.

The soul and spirit of St. Francis de Sales rests in the faith and goodness of many ordinary people ( the pastor, Sisters of St. Francis, Teachers and Staff of our parish School and our Catechetical Program and our Parishioners), who do all that they do, extraordinarily well.

Saint Francis de Sales is a place where God can be found; it is a holy place!